Home is as sweet as you treat it’s maker!

Today I went to meet a friend for an intimate conversation which was related to our lives. After we were done with our sharing and chatting we headed towards the restaurant of a reasonably famous hotel in South of Delhi.

To my utter amusement, the manager of that hotel was a woman and is very familiar over the years. She happened to know this friend of mine who happened to be in a middle of some transition in life and is taking some break after working for years.

The hotel manager was familiar to my friend and she pulled herself a chair (which I thought was very rude) to inquire about my friend’s life and she didn’t stop there itself, she started grilling her only to end with a very nasty remark to my friend and I quote, ‘so you now basically do nothing?’ I was stunned more than my friend because this whole question of undermining a homemaker has been irritating me for years.

This is to all those women who have extremely bitter attitude towards homemakers, like what do you think a homemaker really is? She’s an unpaid employee of her husband and kids, she has no weekends, no breaks, no work hours.

There would be some who would argue, ‘it double the work for a working woman.’ No! A woman who leaves home to earn money also doesn’t have it easy, yet most have househelp or mother’s or in-laws who double up as nannies. They get paid for their work.

How many homemakers in the world even know that they are entitled to maintenance, like a little salary and an average homemaker in our country works 45 hours extra per week in a study, which if was to be converted into a salary, can you imagine what her worth is? A homemaker does all the school projects of her kids, teaches them in the absence of a father who thinks it’s okay to leave his responsibilities on the homemaker. A homemaker not only cares for her in-laws is also present at her parents beck and call and is a 24 hour concierge to the needs of the man who’s house she makes as a home. Remember this, be bloody mindful when you doubt and if you still CANNOT control your nastiness, go see a home where a homemaker has willingly chosen to walk away with grace to find her dignity.

What did a homemaker do all day, dare you to ask! Will you, after a clean house, laundry done, kids sorted, dinner sorted, dogs sorted. She works with more arms that you see in Goddesses’s. The world view is changing, how about you?

Published by Anubha Gujral

Welcome to my blog. I plan to make this a platform to express feelings, emotions. Any constructive feedback is very welcome.

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