Sore About Sri

I have been reading people’s posts who are simply upset about Sridevi given the state funeral and comparing it to the army personnel’s and what not.

Let’s not take away the achievements of the departed soul. The amount of crowd that flew, gathered to get the glimpse of their favourite star was simply overwhelming. She was working since the age of four and her contribution to cinema is something most people and even stars can only think of. So many actresses (not Aishwarya Rai, Rani or even Madhuri Dixit) in this industry tried to make a comeback post their marriage breaks and just couldn’t get that kind of attention that Sridevi did with her come back movie English Vinglish.

She was a star who left behind such a great legacy and very Big shoes to fill in.

It’s so easy to be an armchair critic and pass comments and dismissing the achievements of other people. I wish people who write all this can even come close to what the mega star achieved in her five decade long career. I pray her kids are happy in whatever they choose to do.

And yes there is a growing sentiment for respect about the army men on social media lately, I would like to know how many of these armchair men themselves or sent their kids to serve the country? If you can’t do it, don’t be sore about others. It’s unfair to take away due credit from anyone’s achievement in any field.

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