Whodunit~Rishta Kya Kehlata hai?

For the longest time I watched this serial on star plus, ‘yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.’ For the sheer chemistry, simplicity both Hina khan and Karan Mehra brought to it and was about normal people and a refreshing change in Indian television after Ekta Kapoor showed us those heavily clad vamps and so much distrustContinue reading “Whodunit~Rishta Kya Kehlata hai?”

Home is as sweet as you treat it’s maker!

Today I went to meet a friend for an intimate conversation which was related to our lives. After we were done with our sharing and chatting we headed towards the restaurant of a reasonably famous hotel in South of Delhi. To my utter amusement, the manager of that hotel was a woman and is veryContinue reading “Home is as sweet as you treat it’s maker!”

Bombay Begums or Bygones

Bombay Begums Though it was a great watch. I did not like the message the series conveys by showing a poor bar dancer who was endlessly haggled by some arrogant politician (politicians are public servants, stop showing them as God like figures) and then they compare the women on top corporate jobs with a similarContinue reading “Bombay Begums or Bygones”


It’s so sad that again and again we have to write the same thing and then for a week or two everyone is aggressive, raising their voices for crimes against women. Well let me start by saying that patriarchy is so deep rooted that even I cannot fight for the rights the constitution gives me,Continue reading “Runt-Of-A-Woman”

Niceness an outdated virtue?

I’ve been watching some motivational videos, and video after video one thing that is striking by all life coaches is, ‘don’t be too nice.’ That just shakes the whole value system I have grown up with. I realise the difference of being too nice and just nice, but look at the irony of the darkContinue reading “Niceness an outdated virtue?”


Have you ever encountered that friend, colleague, relative who gives you unsolicited advice, act cheap, gossip about you, criticise you to a point where you are left with your jaw on the floor? Isn’t ‘mutual respect’ a two-way street? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for introspection as to what is it thatContinue reading “BE ADULT ENOUGH TO WALK AWAY FROM THE NONSENSE OF IDIOTS AROUND YOU”

Sore About Sri

I have been reading people’s posts who are simply upset about Sridevi given the state funeral and comparing it to the army personnel’s and what not. Let’s not take away the achievements of the departed soul. The amount of crowd that flew, gathered to get the glimpse of their favourite star was simply overwhelming. SheContinue reading “Sore About Sri”

SriDevi The legend

It’s definitely not the best time to say this, but I am like many of you have been extremely-extremely disturbed/sad by Sridevi’s untimely demise. The cause is speculated to be Fat embolism, caused by keto diet. Her lip surgery last month also went wrong. I mean really?!! Now we as a society put so muchContinue reading “SriDevi The legend”