Niceness an outdated virtue?

I’ve been watching some motivational videos, and video after video one thing that is striking by all life coaches is, ‘don’t be too nice.’ That just shakes the whole value system I have grown up with.

I realise the difference of being too nice and just nice, but look at the irony of the dark times we live in, where we are taught to be less nice if we don’t want anyone to take advantage of us.

I also saw a little snippet of a daily soap where they show a little child being vicious and villainous and knows all the conniving tricks, obviously taking cue from the mother. It got me thinking the impact playing this character will have on her personal life and how she will learn about all the immoral things humans do to make themselves better off. Does this child go home and think about her poor characterisation when she’s alone? Do thoughts of actual immortality cross her innocent mind and will she grow up taking any of those bad traits from her character? That the broadcast ministry should ban such shows is a long topic of debate for another day and time. These are things we are facing and it’s such a sorry time to live in.

Having said that, I am trying very hard and might have to take the help of some specialist to train myself into shedding some of my moral lessons of niceness if I want to live a good stress free life. Honestly, it’s already stressing me out and hence I am writing this.

I would really like to know what your thoughts are.

Much love.

#Guiltfree #NicenessByeBye

Published by Anubha Gujral

Welcome to my blog. I plan to make this a platform to express feelings, emotions. Any constructive feedback is very welcome.

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