Whodunit~Rishta Kya Kehlata hai?

For the longest time I watched this serial on star plus, ‘yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.’ For the sheer chemistry, simplicity both Hina khan and Karan Mehra brought to it and was about normal people and a refreshing change in Indian television after Ekta Kapoor showed us those heavily clad vamps and so much distrust began within families seeing the conniving women.

However hearing the rumours about Karan Mehra being a wife beater, cheater came as a shock to me and for a second I totally believed his wife was the one who was a liar. But it’s not my place to judge who is right in this case, still I could recall a lot of men who are-were acquaintances who seemed so docile, timid and a wife worshipping man and they were always having a side affair online, offline and never had the balls to admit or even talk about it to their significant other. Such men can be suffering from serious inferiority complex, lack of self esteem and the other woman (who herself is a loser) is feeding such a weak man validation only to realise that this affair is going nowhere when money matters are concerned the marriage is always stronger than these lose affairs. The other woman and the wife is the one who is wronged by such a so called timid man as he’s cheating on both technically. Such a man is so spinesless that all his friends, know about his bad marriage but the person he is married to. Actually women too are very bad these days in times of social media, they are always lurking around to find one sugar daddy who can afford her a meal at a decent restaurant, such women often call sex workers as, ‘slut.’ Ironical~!

Still what if Karan Mehra is innocent as he seems and has done nothing, then women like Nisha Jaiswal really make it difficult for so many women who are actual victim of domestic abuse, they’ve no support system from their parents, relatives or friends. They have to rot in that violent marriage till they die only for survival and 4 rotis. Most Indian marriages are so bad, I feel not a single household where there are no instances of cheating, abuse, violence. There the woman’s side of the story isn’t believed because some woman lied and made the law and society believe that women are the ones who are culprits. Even law enforcement agencies won’t believe a woman of being a victim of domestic violence until she has evidence. Like how does one collect evidence in the face of violence and abuse is mind rattling.

People, especially media should always report such matters responsibly and not without knowing the truth, as the fate of millions of innocent people is at stake.

#KaranMehra #NishaJaiswal #DomesticVoilence #Abuse #extramaritalaffair #Karamehraarrested #responsiblereporting

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