Bombay Begums or Bygones

Bombay Begums

Though it was a great watch. I did not like the message the series conveys by showing a poor bar dancer who was endlessly haggled by some arrogant politician (politicians are public servants, stop showing them as God like figures) and then they compare the women on top corporate jobs with a similar lens, that all successful women reach the top by sleeping around with influential men only! Barring one person who is from IIM, and how that woman is a covert narcissist.

What a terrible message to the society who doesn’t read much into the deep meanings of these dramas, that women necessarily have to have a male mentor to reach the top, only an IIM is spared from a sexual predator and our girls who cannot get into IIM or are from second tier cities have to face humiliation and not cut to have dignified jobs? Is this really what I want our daughters to believe? No!

I don’t want to discuss the truth and reality as our entertainment world can create the reality they want in the society by showing meaningful stuff. Do watch it one time for sure and yes it looked more like a porn movie than the series.

The actors have all been so effortless and flawless. Pooja Bhatt has a smashing comeback with this, hope to see more of her.

Create aspirations, don’t kill dreams.

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