Recently everyone was posting about the hashtag #MeeToo and it was mind boggling to see how many people are victim of some form of sexual abuse. I decided to post my thoughts on it and yes #MeToo
It’s devastating to see how terribly humanity has failed, and how many women and men are opening up about sexual crimes they have faced. Sexual harassment of any nature is not do to with my face, my race, my colour but it’s the predator and his upbringing that is questionable! Teach your kids of both genders to open up and say NO to any sort of sexual abuse. And teach them the importance of consent, because all sexual predators are sons, daughters, spouses, and siblings. They are part of the same society that we are.

#WomenWithWomen #ItsNotAMarkOfShame #OpenUp #SpeakUpAgainstSexualAbuse

Published by Anubha Gujral

Welcome to my blog. I plan to make this a platform to express feelings, emotions. Any constructive feedback is very welcome.

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