My Valentine/No Thank You!

It’s a rant day today and I have tried really hard to stay off social media lately, but it’s good to sometimes share with my online friends as in the real world I seem to be having issues with people. People who are family, your own blood relations give you hard time with their extremely nasty behaviour.

Lately I’ve been struggling with my daughter’s health all by myself and even though I can boast of a large familia, but in reality, my own haven’t called me once to ask how she is, so much so I have to even prove that I am not lying about her health. It seems I am asked to stand in a witness box to prove the reason of my absence from family events, wherein I really don’t have any obligation to meet anyone.

It’s rather frustrating, so in this desperate bid I am helping myself through this by watching positivity videos, practising manifestation to remain sane with the narcissistic, selfish people around me. Upon seeking help from a spiritual guide, I was told, ‘why do you take so much crap, give it back!’

In the same breath the same counsellor tells me, ‘why do you hold grudge, you aren’t really spiritual.’ I mean are we even humans anymore or man eats man is literally how we are living our lives? So today I wish to say to all the fucking idiots, ‘YES BITCH I AM BETTER THAN YOU, I ACKNOWLEDGE MY DAUGHTER AS MY DAUGHTER AND DON’T CALL HER MY SISITER.’

Published by Anubha Gujral

Welcome to my blog. I plan to make this a platform to express feelings, emotions. Any constructive feedback is very welcome.

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